Download drawing game

Below you will find a document you can download and use. It can be used just for play, or as awarm-up exercise.

We take play seriously, and also recommend to sometime leave the seriosness and play.

We may have the same information in some cases of problemsolving, but there are countless possibilities to solve the problem … And several possible solutions. It is the same way with the this file. Print it, and see all the solutions you can come up with when connecting dots. Some tips on how it can be used:

  • As a warm up excercise for creative process: Connect the dots and see what you can create.
  • Give a topic or problem to your team, and look at all the different options that are being created. If the solutions are very similar, one might train to challenge themselves and each other.
  • Pastime! Do not underestimate the magic of taking a break and draw little … There may be new associations and possibly Eureka moments!

The drawing sheet may provide a surprising number of results and creations, and be prepared to create new associations that could be the last tangle to be solved. Please share the results with me. Use the hashtag: “connectingdotsno #uniquedots and the place where you are from; Example #stavanger on instagram.